Gift Ideas for Father’s Day by New English Teas

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day by New English Teas

With Father’s Day around the corner, 16th June 2019, we thought it would be fun to run an office poll to see which our Dad’s favourite tea would be!  In our infinite wisdom, we naturally thought Afternoon Tea would be a firm leader, but it turns out that Earl Grey was the top choice – who knew!  

Of course, this opened the door for a debate amongst the team on which was their favourite blend, no surprises that English Breakfast Tea came out on top.  We also discussed the teams favourite time of day to drink a good cuppa – plenty of responses here as you can imagine…

Michelle likes a cuppa when she gets straight in from work. Kevin mentioned his favourite time was 10pm and just before bed to which Kelly replied she couldn’t drink anything that late at night or she would be bouncing off the walls!

Whatever the preference, we all agreed, drinking tea is part of our English Heritage and we’d be lost without it - which is why it makes such a lovely gift.

This year we’ve come up with several tea gift ideas to choose from which we think will be perfect for the world’s best Dad! Here’s a list of our top choices below.


For the intellectual Dad, we really like this Oxford University Tea Gift set idea.  This smart, navy blue embossed tin contains 40 English Breakfast Teabags plus a smart mini tin of Travel mints.  We also have the University of Cambridge Tea Gift set too!


English Icons

If your Dad is a true patriot, how about our British Icons Tea Selection pack?  This set contains our best selling and most collectable British icon tea caddies. With this special lot, he can enjoy a range of our specially selected blends of English Breakfast Tea, Afternoon Tea and London Tea. Top choice!

Make a Statement

Everyone loves a good slogan which is why our statement tea caddies are so incredibly popular. We have some classic tea tins and tea cartons with some fun and familiar slogans which we think Dad’s everywhere will love.  What about our popular England Needs You statement tea caddy, packed full of our delicious English Breakfast Tea, a rich, smooth and delicious blend. Perfect for those early morning starts!

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