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Vintage Victorian Collection Gift

A collection of our best-selling Vintage Victorian tea tins & caddies in one gift.  Includes; our large bottle-green tea caddy with 240 English Afternoon teabags, our 72 teabag mint-green selection tin including English Breakfast, English Afternoon & Earl Grey and our 40 English Afternoon teabag tin, also in bottle-green.

English Afternoon tea is a medium-bodied aromatic black tea with a slightly lower caffeine content, suited to drinking in the afternoon.  Serve with a splash of milk.

English Breakfast tea is a full-bodied black tea, known as the Nation's favourite.  Serve with a splash of milk.

Vintage Victorian Collection Gift includes:
  • Bottle-Green Vintage Victorian Tea Caddy with 240 English Afternoon Teabags
  • Mint-Green Vintage Victorian 72 Teabag Selection Tin, 24 English Breakfast Teabags, 24 English Afternoon Teabags & 24 Earl Grey Teabags.
  • Bottle-Green Vintage Victorian Tea Tin with 40 English Afternoon Teabags

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