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Coronation Strawberry & Ginger Trifle The Easy Way

Coronation Strawberry & Ginger Trifle The Easy Way

Michelin starred chef Adam Handling has designed an exquisitely extravangant Strawberry and Ginger trifle recipe. You can't possibly have a royal celebration without the tea party staple that is a trifle, and this is one of the three official Coronation recipes - and certainly the one that goes best with a cup of our fine English tea! The issue is that it's a little bit time intensive, and no one wants to throw away sixteen eggs worth of scrambled egg when you over-do the custard. 

We've designed this super easy cheats version, which we're not claiming is tastier, but it's certainly faster and much less fussy. It's also really really indulgent.

The original recipe can be found here. An even fussier version can be found via Country Living magazine here.

Makes: 8 Servings

Takes: Minutes, plus jelly setting time


1 x Jamaica ginger cake or shop-bought Yorkshire Parkin

2 x 135g bars of Strawberry Jelly

500ml fresh custard

1 tsp ground ginger

300g double cream

50g icing sugar

1 vanilla pod


For Serving

Fresh strawberries

Chopped nuts



1. Dice the Jamaica Ginger Cake or Parkin into chunks and add to a trifle dish or large glass bowl. Add a few fresh strawberries in too!

2. Make up the Jelly mixture according to the packet, and pour over the cake and strawberries. Place it in the fridge to set.

3. Stir the ginger into the custard, and spoon a layer onto the set jelly.

4. Scrape the seeds from the vanilla pod into the double cream, and whip it with the caster sugar until it has formed stiff peaks. Pipe (or spoon) it onto the custard until it is evenly covered. 

5. Throw on with chopped nuts to finish.

6. Indulge.



Quick And Easy Coronation Trifle Recipe - New English Teas

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