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Who Is Peter Rabbit?

Who Is Peter Rabbit?

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

"The Tale of Peter Rabbit" is a classic children's book written and illustrated by British author Beatrix Potter. In the short years that followed its debut, multiple reprints were issued due to its emerging success. In truth, these early signs only hinted of what it would become. The book has now sold over 45 Million copies and has been translated into 36 languages, and sits among the best-selling books in history.

Who Is Peter Rabbit? Tea Tales by New English Teas

Who Is Peter Rabbit?

Inspired by her pet Rabbit from childhood whom she named ‘Peter Piper’, Beatrix Potter gave life to Peter Rabbit. The early workings of what would become “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” were initially a series of illustrated letters, sent throughout the 1890s, to the five-year old son of Potter’s former governess Annie Moore. It was her who first realised the commercial potential of Potters’ doodles and story-craft. Embracing her positivity, in September 1893 Potter re-worked one of her original letters, copied it to a stiff exercise book, and painted the famous cover illustration of Peter being dosed with camomile tea by his mother. Peter Rabbit – the legend - was born. And the rest, as they say, is his-tea-ry (yes – we know).

A Story Of Tea

“The Tale of Peter Rabbit” tells the story of a mischievous rabbit named Peter who lives on a farm with his family. He gets into trouble when, despite his Mothers warnings, he eats vegetables that belong to Mr. McGregor the farmer. After over-indulging on Mr. McGregor’s Carrots, Peter searches for some Parsley to cure his stomach-ache. He is spotted by the farmer, and what ensues is a lively chase where Peter loses his jacket and shoes, hides in a watering-can, stealthily avoids falling prey to a cat, and eventually succeeds in his escape. He arrives home looking rather dishevelled and feeling poorly, and is angrily sent to bed by his mother with a teaspoon of Tea. Rightly so. But here begins Peter’s relationship with tea.

Peter Rabbits Daisies - New English Teas

The Original Illustrations of Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter’s imaginative illustrations sit somewhere between naturalism and fantasy, and it is in her unique style that you can so easily identify her affinity for the natural world, and for the innocence and fantasy of childhood. This is best summarised in her own words:

“I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense...”

At New English Teas, we have created a collection of Tea Caddies & Gifts that feature Beatrix Potter’s original illustrations, which celebrate both the fantastical subtlety of her illustrations and the childlike mischief in her writings - brought together with the joy and healing properties of a nice cup of tea. Something special that can be enjoyed by Beatrix Potter fans of all ages and loved by the tea-loving child inside all of us.

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